Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another big laugh

I'll be posting again later, but I wanted to tell you this quick story and tell you about a new blogger. First...Stacey brought over a couple of girls that belong to her friend, to swim. My husband loves these girls. So he came out to the pool, pulled up a chair next to the edge to talk to them, he adjusted the chair (one of those plastic kind) and he flipped himself,and the chair, fully clothed into the pool, baseball cap still on... well, was he ever surprised, and the laughter...oh the laughter!! Then the girls each did a recreation, which brought on more laughter. These girls swam for 4 hours. Stacey and I sat on the side lines at one time, in awe of how well they get along, I grew up like an only child and Stacey being an only child, were just a bit envious.(in a good way)

Now on to the newest blogger I know...This is Pattie, the Joy of Nesting, she has been coming to visit my blog for a while with a little encouragement, or maybe a push , lol, She got her blog up and running. She has retired to beautiful Mexico from our neighboring state Idaho. Please go visit her so she will keep writing about

I finished another birdie, I'll put it on this afternoon.


TattingChic said...

That is so funny how your hubby flipped himself in the chair into the pool! That would've been a good laugh! I'm glad he was okay, too! Your latest creation is adorable, as always!

The Rose Room said...

Ha ha,a good story! Rachaelxo

Anonymous said...

Laurie Thanks so much for mentioning my new blog today!! And I will never be able to thank you for all the hand holding encouragment,& support. For finally putting on my waterwings and nudging me into the pool!!!! :c} hmmmm what is it with you and people and pools??? :c} :c}

Pattie :c}
Mazatlan Mexico

Mrs.Kwitty said...

LOL!! What fun!
Smiles, Karen