Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nest Charm Giveaway

I finished the itsy bitsy charm for my giveaway. I wanted to prop this great would this be hanging on a bottle...ummm I'll have to do I love all the ideas you all have come up with. Today is the last day for this little giveaway...just leave me a message here
Heres the back side...just remember...I am NOT a professional (is that a word??)


Anonymous said...

Laurie, this drives me absolutely crazy - being so busy I haven't had time to visit my favorite blogs ALL WEEK! I've been cramming so much into my schedule that "down time" on the computer has been impossible. I've gotten back online and as always, your projects make my eyes smile! I really like the painting on fabric - quite different from what you usually do. The silver creamer is so elegant! and the plates that you've painted really take on a whole different look because of the embossing on the edges.

We artists who use old things are good for the ecology, aren't we! Recycling and making into art!

I can see you've had a busy week too! Pretty, pretty things!


Miss Sandy said...

Utterly charming! I just picked up the book Pretty Little Things by Sally Jean Alexander and I want to try my and at this art form. I love learning new things and this looks like fun!

I still very twitterpated! My little blue bird of happiness wreathes my face with a smile and lightens my heart every time I glance at him!

Betty said...

I entered the other day when you mentioned this. And, yes, if I win it, it will go on the collar of one of our little shelter adoptions! It's just too cute! Thanks for a fun giveaway.

TattingChic said...

I entered this earlier, it's cute even the second showing! I have no fabulous ideas, I'd probably just wear it! LOL!

suzeeez said...

Your Charms are beautiful ! Sue