Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Daisy here and a Daisy there

I thought I would share a work in progress, this is one of those mirrors from Ikea, I thought it might be fun to paint on so I got a couple. The little plate is going FALL.
Today was my birthday...here's my day, up to this point. lol.

Started out by talking to my mom. My DH brought me lovely cup of coffee, which I spilt. Then he drove me to DMV to get my license renewed...I showed up, got right in..."sorry ma'am, you have to have your birth certificate and SS card."
I knew where my SS card was but I haven't seen my birth certificate since I got married. lol. So, we had to make a trip up to Portland (an hour away), I made a phone call to Stacey..."hey Stacey, how much do you love your mom!! We'll buy you lunch if you come with us so we can get in some quality bonding" So she came... we had a fabulous lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant, then went door and there is a cute little store that sells rice pudding, but they also have real yogurt that they freeze, just like PINKBERRY down in California. Fabulous!!!! SO GOOD. if you live in the area, please check this out...So Good!
Then up to Portland, it was a breeze getting my B. Certificate, drove back home...5 hours later I'm back at DMV to get my temp. license. Whew!! I did trip going up the two steps and fell flat...so embarrassing!! ( I think I might be a bit sore tomorrow)
But it was so relaxing, (not the falling part) I just sit back, let the driver do his thing, let the music singer change the channel ( a little to often lol) and I draw, sketch, think, ponder, the sun was shining.....just turned out to be a really nice day!
Happy Tuesday to everyone.



Sounds like and interesting and fun day:) Hope you had a very nice birthday.
Just loving your little birdies and one of these days I'll buy one.
They are just so darn cute :)

Bev said...

Happy Birthday!!! I follow your blog daily and I love it!! You do such great work!

I've also tagged ya! So stop on over to my blog and follow the rules. I'd like to know more about ya!

Hope you had a special day!


Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful day to have been born!!
Love the new blog look and hope you are not too sore after your fall!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to You!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It sounds like the perfect kind of day. Enjoy your evening!

Birthday Hugs to You,

Utah Grammie said...

Oh my- a Birthday! Happy happy Happy one to you! Sounds like, except for the falling part, you had a nice day. I hope all the days of this coming year are what you want them to be and that this time next year, we'll still be "talking" on these great blogs!

Victorian Lady said...

Happy Birthday! What a great person to have in this world that can make such beautiful things!



Michaele said...

Happy Belated birthday Laurie!

Too bad about the clutziness (thought I'm glad I'm NOT the only person gravity decides to test from time to time)~ I love the daisies, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pumpkin plate!


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

Where did you get the frozen yogurt that tastes like pinkberry? I would love to go there :-) I hope you have a fabulous day!!! xo Britt :-)