Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Painted things

Beth at Gathering Dust, can find the most interesting goodies. She had these I bribed her by telling her if she gave me one...I'd paint one for this is going in the mail tomorrow
The story behind this...It was all painted, ready for varnish...thought I would use the spray varnish that bubble up one of my panels...So....I gave it a REAL GOOD SHOT of spray...ooops, it wasnt varnish, it was white spray I had to repaint it. I'm putting this on my etsy.
update...I am soooo stink'n sore!!

5 comments: said...

Beth will love it!

Betty said...

I guess if I had enough talent to paint it once, I wouldn't have a fit if I had to repaint's a fun design. Hope you enjoyed doing it both times, eh? Too cute.

Dawn said...

Funny, nice your easy spirited about it!

Utah Grammie said...

My goodness! That bag is incredible - I saw it on your banner and was "WOWed" Is the green handles-thing the cutter? Looks cool!
Thanks for your kind words today on the blog. I'm going to the funeral on Saturday - my first for a child - hope I can make it through..

Vicki C said...

I can always count on something pretty over here!