Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Evening

My husband and I decided to run away for the day...we went to Eugene, which is an hour away. On the way home my cell phone rang...I saw that it was the company I work for so when I answered was the "big boss" which always shakes me up...he started out by asking me if I had gotten his message from a couple of hours before...I said he started in giving me grief about the "shooting incident" and getting the couple out of our complex NOW...I told him we were going to have them turn in a 30 day notice..He started "going off!!" YOU BETTER, OR I"LL EVICT THEM...about then I said...I'm going to give the phone to Dean (my husband). So we pulled off the road so he could talke...I tell you...the "boss man" has no children and was SOOO unsympathetic...So we finished by saying we would take care of it and his responce.."YOU BETTER!!!" jeez, I wish I didn't have to work for this guy!!!! So when we got ready to back out...a truck came out and blocked Dean got out to see what the problem was...thankfully, my husband knew the guy and he was just wondering why we were parked on his property. (it was an empty field) remember the roller coaster ride...its not over yet!!!!
oh, for all the "UP" for the week, when "my" good boss came to visit....he gave me the report where I was "shopped" and I did realllll y good...but I hate being treated like I'm a "bad child". Sorry I'm going off....but I've had a few stressful days...and I needed to vent ...any you guys are such good listeners. Thank you!!!
I did get to work on a few bunnies today...yea!!!


Diane said...

I hear you, tonight my husband and I had a bit of hell from a party that is involved with an Escrow that is in process, lot's of mixed messages and very unpleasant
people, I am thinking positive and hoping for all to work out. Wishing you the same (:
Hugs, Diane

tam said...

Hi Laurie,
Sorry to hear that your mean boss had to ruin your trip home. All I can say is Karma will kick his butt!
Sounds like it may be time to shop for a new job? Hope your weekend gets better~Tam :D

Betty said...

Oh, yuck; nasty bosses suck! Oops, was that too crude? Well, it's my opinion and I'm sticking to it...haha.

Maybe the 'big boss' will get his butt kicked and move on; I hope so, for your sake!

Take care of you and Dean and tell the rest of them to 'take a hike'!

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I worked with a patronizing, male chauvinist at one time. My stomach always felt sick. I think the proper term for those guys is "narcissistic". Too bad we can't walk around with a mirror to stick in their faces when they start in on stamping their feet and yelling like a child having a tantrum. Sometimes it comes back to bite them you-know-where though. Every once in awhile they don't get their way.

Sharon said...

I had a boss that was so nasty (won't go into the details,let's just saytoday he would face jail time) that I started losing way to much wait because my stomach couldn't handle the grief he gave out. I finally quit. Then some years later my sweet mom only 5ft tall saw him in a store he was working at and went up to him and hit him with her purse and told him in no uncertain terms he was not getting into heaven. Then she walked away. The clerks who saw and heard this applauded.LOL. There is nothing like a mothers love. If she was still alive I'd send her right down. Sharon