Sunday, April 3, 2011

Food Trucks of LA

What a fun 2 hours we had on Sat. But before I get into Sat. Stacey and I headed to Monrovia to their evening farmers market. The weather was perfect. We found a nice parking spot. THEN at the opposite end, I saw a scrapbooking shop...I wanted to see if it was open...we walked in, WOW it was full of people, to make a long story short, we were invited to stay for their "make n take" even though we weren't signed up. What fun! I love it when the unexpected happens. We are able to try out new products of Tim Holtz. The Owner, Elizabeth, SO SWEET! We've been in contact, she's asked me if I want to teach!!! WoW! I'm so excited! We still need to get together and see what we want to do! I'll let you know ....
ok, back to Sat. Stacey and I are obsessed with food trucks. 80 trucks were going to be in one place at one the Santa Anita Race track...whoohoo...20 min. away. So we got there about at opening time...I love how this fountain turned out

80, wow. we had little samples and then split them...some were good, some were not so much
I love california...there is always an airplane with signs flying overhead
The longest line was for the Grilled Cheese Truck
We stayed for 2 the time we left there were soooo many people

By far the best thing was a truck that we saw on Diners and Dives, Don Chow Tacos, a cross between mexican and asian...crispy tofu tacos...SO GOOD!!
I hope you enjoyed a unique experience with me.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the teaching gig, Laurie! Lucky students! You'll have a lot to share! Keep me posted as it goes along!
Hugs, Diane