Monday, April 11, 2011

Photography Class

I signed up for a photography class. I realized I take a lot of on line classes. It is such a nice way to connect with people that have same interests. Do I need another photography class, I ask myself. I dont want to be a great photographer, so no, I probably dont need it in that since. This class with Darrah is different, she is having us look at things like we never have. This is my first photo. Its an every day event. I make me a cup of coffee, it is dark outside. Its quiet, no one is up but the kitties, I go and turn on my computer to check me emails, or whats going on in the "classroom". This is something I have done for years and years, everyday, without thinking about it. Something I love doing. Its neat that it is showing the darkness of the room. I haven't blogged for a few days. Our favorite kitty went missing on Fri. So Sad. We put posters up everywhere. Asked the tenants here to keep their eyes open...A tenant came to the door this morning saying shes pretty sure she knows where the kitty is.... Friday afternoon, we had unpacked some boxes, lots of bubble wrap, they sat in the living room for a couple of hours. Then my husband picked them up, put them on our cart, took them to the rec. room at our apt. complex...a couple hours later, we discovered our kitty was missing. We put flyers ALL over the complex, asked every person to look for him. We all checked the rec. room, knowing that Poodle likes a good box. Nope, not it the boxes. not in the rec. room, for 3 days we looked for this cat. The knock on our door this morning...this tenant said, I think your kitty is in the rec. room. I went dashing shoes, I didn't have time for that!! grabbed my keys and off we went. Went in the rec. room, no kitty..."here poodie, here poodie" meeew. I looked and looked...there he was, under the couch. The other lady, picked up the end of the couch...Our baby is now back home!!! Many tears were shed over our missing kitty!! Now I can start blogging again! Yea!


Julie said...

Oh - it is so nice to read a story with a GREAT ending!!!!

Penny said...

So glad your kitty is back safe and sound at home.

I love my early hour piddling with my first cup of coffee also.


Adrienne said...

I'm so glad your kitty is home again. It's so sad when they disappear!