Sunday, May 1, 2011

aaaah Laguna Beach

I finally have some birdies ready for selling. I listed my first one on Etsy Its been over a year since I've made any!
I've been looking for a summer hat for two weeks. I finally found one that fit in a little boutique in Laguna Beach. I wore it all day today...felt quite stylish.heeehee. I brought it home and layed one of my fabric flowers on it, ummm I might play around with a new band and flower.

84 degrees, breeze, water is freezing. Beautiful

I love all the umbrellas

The view from our seat at the "Big Fish" fish tacos...yummmm

Then we went to the flea market in Tustin...don't you just love these

french baskets

My big purchase. two love letters

All these love letters are from the same person, to the same person, written every week,

I don't know if its a years worth or not

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Hi Laurie,
She is very sweet!
I so wish I was at the beach. It's only in the 30's here in MN! Very cold for this time of year...