Thursday, September 9, 2010

What color is Liliac??? Oh, its suppose to be Violet

****Update....I had the wrong color, its suppose to be Violet!!!****
I'm sorry Mrs Matlock, please dont make me wear a dunce hat. (lol)

Todays class color is Liliac...What color is liliac, out in nature? Sure you can go get a color

crayon, but if you go to pick out liliac in the paint department...they aren't all the same.

So, here are my bits of Liliac in nature. A little purple, a little pink, a little lavender, a little blue.

It IS a beutiful color

Maybe if you visit

you will find the true color of Liliac...

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DesignTies said...

Love purple morning glories :-)

So true that one paint company's lilac is probably completely different from another company's lilac!!


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Purple, lilac, violet..whatever..they are ALL beautiful..and with your photographer's eye? Marvelous!

That Girl Ang said...

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Splendid Little Stars said...

Those are lovely lilacs (or violet, as the case may be)!

Viki said...

Lilac - violet - all in the purple family. Lovely pictures.

Anna said...

Lilac, lavender, violet, mauve, purple! They are shades of colour somewhere between red and blue! Flowers in colours so lovely to behold! Nice post!

Beautiful photos!
Best wishes,
Anna's Rainbow Violet

Jenny said...

Violet AND lilac are two of my favorite colors so I am just fine with this post, sweet Laurie.

You are so right...the way we each perceive these colors (and the way the paint designers do) can vary so much.

But each and every variation of these lovely colors just make me smile.

And so did your link!

Thanks for this beautiful stop on our little journey through Rainbow Summer Schools Viol-ilac!