Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Childs Rolling Pin

How cute is this rolling pin!! It is a child size. The color on the handles is still new looking. I just listed this on my Ebay...I have a set of the dish cloths. Hopefully I can get pictures taken tomorrow, they are wonderful.
Have you had one of those "Giggle Good Times" Going through our garage we came across our OLD we brought it to the tv and plugged it still worked!! Watching old videos ...oh the laughter! We laughed so hard our sides that was a good time, The sad part was seeing our home in Pasadena. sometimes we wish we still lived in So. Calif.


Adrienne said...

Hi Laurie -
I've never seen that little rolling pin with blue handles. I have one with red handles. From my childhood. I don't have it displayed right now but I have several other little pieces of the set and have recently added the little angel food cake tin that goes with it. Such fun!

Diane said...

Very cool old stuff. Did you ever go to the big Rose Bowl flea market when you were here? I'm in the Thousand Oaks area but I love Pasadena!