Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stephanie Lee Class!!

Here is my finished piece. I took the finished canvas, added the chain that I made and my little birdhouse.
Looking at this zoomed it...ummm is that an 8 or S????lol
The making of chains....sooooo much fun!!

Round bezel and my first little house
This little rose is made out of many uses!!
Here is the book. and extra chain that I made. We did some etching. I made a necklace for my bottle
Oh my goodness!! What fun we all had! It was a small class, lots of hands on work. Stephanie is a doll!. After 2 full days, I think we all learned how to do EVERYTHNG in her book, and that is a lot! The first day we made the bezel house and round bezel, I haven't decide what to put in mine If you all have a chance to take from her...she's the best!!
Thank you Stephanie!!

By the way...I laughed when I got home last night and saw how many people signed up form my giveaway without know what it is!! LOL you gals are nuts !!LOL I love it!
Be brave...don't forget to sign up for my free unseen GIVEAWAY!!'
Have a great weekend everyone!!!


The Feathered Nest said...

OH LAURIE!! I wish I would have been with you at this class!!!! How amazing to learn these things!! I can't wait to see what you are creating now....Happy Memorial Day & weekend ~ xxoo, Dawn

Country Liv . . . said...

My goodness, Laurie! Learning how to do 'more' crafts? I love the canvas! Did you actually paint the music on it? I'm so envious of your talent (hmm . . . that's not nice)okay, maybe: I so admire your talent!
Happy Memorial Day!

Colana said...

Happy Memorial Day! Keep on crafting and creating! What a gift!

Lori said...

Laurie, the projects you made are amazing!!!!! how wonderful that you got to take that class, i have seen that book and it is on my wish list!!!

ps: of course we don't need to "see" what you are giving away, everything you make is adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Laurie! Did some "catch-up reading" of your lovely blog. I live about 10 minutes from Bridgeport and love to run away there for a pick-me-up break once a week, too! I'd love to enter your "sight unseen" giveaway if it's not too late. -- Have a great day! Betty

Joanne Kennedy said...

What a fun class. I love the chain and the flower is beautiful!

Oh I think signing up for a mystery give away is so fun. Sometimes the things that are the surprises turn out to be the best.


Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Hi Laurie,
Lovely to see all you creations, fantastic birds as usual. Sounds like you will have a lovely time on you crafting cause. Count me in for your give away... I know it will be fantastic. I will send you a proper message soon.

Utah Grammie said...

What fun! I've wanted to learn to solder..
Everything you soo is beautiful! That's why we love coming here - so much eye-candy for us all - keep on doing what you love to do - and we'll keep on enjoying it!

Martha Kohley said...

Love this piece! Wish I had been at that class! Martha, Vintage Trifles

Miss Sandy said...

This is a wonderful piece! How fun to be able to learn from another artist!

Melissa M said...

Hello Laurie, I am glad I got to meet you at Stephanie's class on Saturday. Love your little nest creation. Such great work.

Chris said...

Dear Laurie,
Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
You lucky duck! You got to take classes from Stephanie Lee! I bought her book in March from Barnes & Noble...I fell in love with her found object-funkified-old-and-altered designs and made my first copper pipe and copper sheet soldered bezel and resin pendant because of her! I gave her credit in my blog on the first resin piece that I made in March. (I think it was March, time flies) How fun they are! And how much creativity Stephanie has~~as do you, looking at your charming creations.
Bless you. Have the best rest of your week!