Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Giveaway!!

Thank you for your suggestions. I sketched on a vine...couldn't make it work, sketched on a few notes, couldn't get the to work, so I took it to my students last night and threw out some is what I came up with. First,I cut down the left side of the block where the bird is, then painted a small frame around, it still needed something, so I painted the jute and nail. I'm happy with it now. I'll be putting this on Ebay, later today.

This has chalkboard paint in the middle, It has just a bit of metallic paint on it, can you see it ,oops, looks a little dirty, but its just the metallic paint that I used to make the crackles show up.

I will pick a winner on Monday
Just leave me a comment,
I would like you to tell me your mother's name


Natasha Burns said...

love the birdy 'fix' Laurie - fabulous with a frame on it and the cute little dish is so sweet!
My mother's name is Millie (sounds cute doesn't it!) xo

Anonymous said...

Wow the painted nail and string look real never know it was painted. My moms name is JoAnne.
Vicki Page

Donna Lynn said...

Good morning Laurie!
Hope your having an awesome Friday and will have a wonderful weekend to come! We are getting sunshine, so I hope to paint this weekend! YEA!
I love your things, I tell you that all the time, but I do! You have such fun creations!
My mothers name is Marian! She never liked her name until recently, she thought it sounded too old fashioned, she is only 64, and a great Mother!
Blessings, Donna Lynn

Michaele said...

What's funny is that you've made chalkboard painted surfaces appealing to me again- being a kindergarten teacher, I've had chalk and especially chalk HANDPRINTS all over my of those occupational fashion hazards- that I was never a fan of having to launder. But every time I check in, lo and behold, there's another treasure made fabulous with chalkboard paint. :)

Mom's name is Patricia, "Pat..." though she's "Mom," or "Awww, Mom..." when it comes to me and my sister. "Grammy" when it comes to her grandchildren.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Utah Grammie said...

This is really pretty! I couldn't believe the nail and jute weren't real either. Wish I lived close enough to take lessons from you - you're sooo very talented.
Have a wonderful Friday, OK?

jeanetta said...

my moms name is ellen.

Pam/Iris said...

YAY! I love give-aways, LOL!
I love your gorgeous tole painting too Laurie!

My moms name is Athene, like Athena, but leave off the 'a'.

pssst, hey Laurie go check out my blog and tell me what to do with my chairs Ü

Lori said...

what you did with the bird is perfect, it looks really super cute:) my mother's name is Barbara!

Miss Jean said...

My mother's name is Doris. She's a great lady and still going strong at 85. We named my daughter Doris after Mom and we call her Dory, which was my Dad's nickname for Mom.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Shawn said...

Those are so pretty! I love it! My mother's name is Gaye Ann.

Joanne Kennedy said...

The final touches you did were perfect! I'll be putting in a bid when I see that listed! Hope I win.

Love the give away too.

My mom's name is Beverly. Sadly she passed away almost 20 years ago. It seems like yesterday though. I still miss her so much every day.

Hey, I'm doing a give away too. Check out my blog if you are interested.


Karin said...

Darlene.... thanks for the giveaway!

Karen said...

Hello Laurie, I love your chalk paint. It looks amazing on everything !

I adore your pincushions! I have tried a few with a teddy bear theme. I am still working on my design.

My mom's name is Sue. Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend !

Karen at ciderantiques

celestina marie said...

Love it!!! the dish is so pretty!! My mother's name is Stella or as some called her Estella, Stelly or Stel.
la rea rose

Toystory said...

My computer is hic-cupping.... hope this doesn't make a duplicate. Margaret was Mom's name, or Peggy.

Brenda said...

Hi there,
Your blog is so sweet and I love your finished bird - it's gorgeous.
My mum's name is Joan and although she is not longer living, there isn't a day that goes by, I don't think about her.
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love the way you "fixed" the bird portrait, it is awesome! Love the chalkboard plate, pick me, I will cherish it!!
TerriB in Oregon

Needled Mom said...

Great job. I would have never guessed that the nail and rope were not the real thing.

My mom's name is Eileen.

Happy Mother's Day.

The Little Bluebird Diaries said...

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I always love hearing from you! I am so very amazed at your chalkboard designs! Just when I think they can't get any cuter, they do! I've sent a few e-mails, but no reply. I'm worried you aren't receiving them? Please do e-mail if not, I'd love to send some of that aqua glitter your way and need your addy. Have a blessed mother's day today!



dolls123 said...

Very pretty


Donna Lynn said...

Hi Laurie,
I wanted you to visit my Mothers Day post, it features you!


Diana Lyn said...

Good Morning Laurie, Your so sweetly talented,My mothers Name is Sondra! She is My hero and my best friend. If it is not to late! Have a wonderful day. It is always a treat stopping by your sweet site! Blessings~ Diana Lyn