Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sharing what I saw today

Stacey and I had the best time today. We were waiting for a store to open, so for a half an hour, we walked the street in Venice. Thought you might like to see what I saw, take a little trip with me....These boots are made for walking, how fun are these!!
In an alley

An old brick building, I love the old signs

We tried out a new restaurant, it wasn't open yet, so we walked around for a bit,
we were next to the Staple Center

Anyone watch Hell's Kitchen, this is the LA Market that the chef that won, works

Venice was busy. It is so hard to find a parking space!!

This restaurant had a line around the corner when we first got there,
not sure what all the whoopla is all about, its a fancy pizza place.
While we were walking by all the people....

we walked by this actress, Shili Appleby, she is from
Life Unexpected

Tumbleweed and Dandilion shop. High prices!

Mountains got more snow
I'll have a few more pictures next time
Hope you enjoyed your trip with me

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Adrienne said...

Loved going with you - would have loved it better if I'd had some of those neat boots and been there, too. Thanks for sharing - it's fun to see where you've been!