Monday, December 13, 2010

My Day Off...

I mentioned earlier that I was a Food Network junkie...did you watch the show with these trucks??? These gals won all the challenges, but the lost in the end. We looked them up on line and found out where they were going to be...traffic was awful, but we struggled through it, and made it!!

We got there a little early, had a nice conversation with the lady you see standing there.

She LOVEs their food and come often, she said to try the handmade lemonade, if they had it...soooo good.

So here you go, we started out with hot delicious cheese filled won tons, cream cheese and jalapeno good, we shared one with the gal that we made friends with

My was tiny, but packed full of flavor, lemongrass chicken with marinated carrots

This was their sandwich. banh mi. Stacey got tofu in hers, 12", we split it. The bread, I've never had anything so good and light, but a crispy top.

The lemonade was something else. It had mint and basil in it. Very light and refreshing.
Well worth our trip. All this for $9.
Oh, I must mention
we ate this outside
it was 88 degrees
warm and balmy
I don't miss it being cold and rainy, or snowy
If you must, scroll back up and take a look at that sunshine
I LOVE So. Calif!!!!

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