Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Red, Red, and more Red

kari and kijsa
Are having a fun little spring thing going on over at their blog, please run and check it out! Here is my ode to spring...I love watermellon, ok, maybe it is more of a summer thing, but I wanted to get a little watercolor action going on, so I played with Red. Speaking of red...I love red purses, and I am not the only one!!
oh...I havent blogged about my kitties for a few days, you all thought that now they had their kitty condo that they have been out of trouble....not so! LOL
This is going to be one messed up post. I coudn't get the top picture to move down here, and It wouldnt let me type up there...so pretend that the top picture is down here...ya, I know, it doesnt really matter.lol. Heres the story, on the other side of the office wall is our bedroom, there was a loud boom, (not at all unusual!) in the middle of the night. I dont panic, I just wonder what I will find when I go in there in the morning (hoping my kitties are both alive and well) Oh, did I mention, we shut them in the office at night to try to keep them safe at night. back to my story, getting up the next morning I found this vase laying on the floor, not broken, they knocked it off from the very tall bookshelf, I had it up in the corner to add a little color, I sure didnt want anything that I had to water up there!! lol Yes, they are still trouble!!


Cambria Turnbow said...

Wow... you are an amazing artist! :)

I can order that punch for you and have it delivered to your house if you'd like... you can contact me at cambriaturnbow@charter.net.


Natasha Burns said...

I love all the red Laurie - but that watermelon and cherry are the most gorgeous ever!!!