Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kitty helpers

Oh my sweet little helpers. Can you just hear them..hey bro...what do you think is in here!!
I was going through a little box of mish mash of jewelry, someone wanted to help!
I had some "play" time..I cast these little vintage looking treasures. I used fimo clay and then poured in plaster of worked a bit better then my cupcakes!! One piece is MIA..where do you think the kittys sent it flying off too?

ok, yes, I had these ON my desk, guess they shouldn't have been there! lol
Do you SEE the tip of this can of air...little hard to blow off the computer now!!
Have a great weekend...No more Snow!!


Cottage Way of Life said...

Hahaha. I appreciate the last picture because I've ran into some of the same problems. A folder I had all my important stuff in had teeth marks all over the corners. I always find it hard to get too mad at them though. They are just too cute.

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

OOOH, I love those birdies!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Be sure to post a comment in "Friends are like flowers" to be entered in my giveaway.
I usually hit salvation army...we have a lot and then downtown we have Misc. thrift stores. Sometimes even the goodwill has some interesting things. We also have a little area in old towne Clovis that has about 10 antique stores....It is very quaint. Sunday they are having an Antique and collectible faire. We do not really have any good open air flea markets in my Towne though. Are you thinking of visiting?
I just love to see such talent on the web. I have to go now so I can browse your cute stuff. Chat soon.

Victoria Lynn said...

Thanks for the comment! I loved finding your blog and reading about your kitties! You'll have to go to my blog...I just posted pics of my three little mischievous kitties!I love your birds - they are just precious! Congratulations on the magazine article! Keep up your beautiful work. Blessings, Victoria Lynn

Gardengirl said...

I really like that little box with the drawers.....I would have a hard time parting with it too. I have a small room in the basement full of treasures that were suppose to be painted and then sold. I just can't part with anything just yet.
Your little kitties make me laugh with their sweet little curious poses.

cindy said... have very bad kitties! LOL.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

LOL--your little helpers are sure helpful! :oD

Smiles, Karen

I can see now that I'll have to add you to my blog links---you have all my favorite things here, birds, cats, vintagey goodies, crafts, buttons.....there it is!
Smiles, Karen