Friday, March 21, 2008

Staceys' Apt.

I'm going to take you on a little tour of Staceys apt. It is so darn cute!! Look at her printer...nope, you cant buy them like that! Didnt she do a great job painting it!
This little cooking hat came with red shoes...would have looked just fine in my house! LOL, but she gave them a coat of green
The picture above is above her tiny kitchen sink. She found and painted this HUGE salt shaker. The S was a great find also. She has quite a collection of oils
We have found quite a few pears at thrift shops, she has repainted them. The black and white candle on the right is a handcarved candle, so beautiful when lit.
Here are two handcrafted vase holders, we have the most wonderful art fair every summer.
An Ikea curtain, it puts such a pretty color in the room with the sun shining through it.
Ok! Who says you cant paint your toaster if it isnt the right color! LOl. Yep, she painted it!
Heres another one of these wire shelfs...she LOVES them!!

This isnt the best picture, but I had to show you this HUGE pear, it is brass and she painted it, Look at the great fork! She painted that too.
The phone jack is on the wall, so she has to put her phone somewhere. Look at this great collection of LeCreusets!!
I love how these older apt.s have such character..We did find out this use to be an old motel!
Do you see another pear!! yep, those are more salt shakers
All the things you see here...bought at different thrift stores!
Interesting mirror
See those bottles on the right and that frame. Stacey sent in photos to Jones Soda and they put them on their should have heard me whoop it up in the store when I found them.LOl They have her name on them and where shes from...pretty cool!!
on the bottom shelf...little tiny pear salt and pepper, glass and metal, she bought those off of ebay.
One last shot...a few more of the unique salt and pepper grinders that she has found and painted!

Hope you enjoyed seeing what a 26 year old likes..


Alison Gibbs said...

Stacey's appartment is lovely. Fabulous colors. Well she does a wonderful job with paint - so many makeovers.
Does she spray paint her things or use a brush?
Love the pic with the light coming through the Ikea curtain.
Happy Easter to you and your family

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a great place! Thanks for the wonderful tour. Hope you and yours have a blessed weekend.


Her place is just adorable and how talented she is with the paint!!!! Makes my old brain start whirring with possibilities!!! Thanks for sharing.

kjquilts said...

Such a cute little apartment! Stacey is one clever girl. She should send these pictures to a magazine...I'll bet she could be in print!

Pamela said...

There are some great plates at my local thrift shop that would be perfect in this place...are you interested in seeing pics of them? I canshoot them and email to you, then if you want I can buy them and you can reminmburse me. I think they are prettey reasonable, like a $1 or two a piece. They are half black and half turqioise with a wavy edge on them. Let me know.