Sunday, January 20, 2008

That Darn Cat

Remember my story of how my kitties took my bag of frozen peas, I opened the bag, and they ate them! Well, here is today's antics!

While my back was turned, this one took the bag of spaghetti off the counter, dragged it into the other room and opened it...then started eating them. I was laughing sooo hard, I had to run in and get the camera...what will they eat next???
Have I ever mentioned the names of our cats? Well, one of Staceys cats is "Bug" He started out "otter" He loved to lay upside down and has these huge,long white whiskers and eye brows, then he started bugging us, so it was otter bug, then it was shortened to Bug, they love that name at the vet. LOL ! The other is "Pood"... short for poodle, he thinks hes a puppy dog, loves to chew on shoes and sandles.LOL.Then our two kitties...I am REALLY embarrassed to say..."Dirty" (isnts that awful!) He looks like his paws have been in the mud.. and "Whitie" well, he just has pretty white, clean looking paws. lol. The picture above is Dirty...doesnt look so bad with the flash of the camera lol.
Ok, PLEASE tell me some of you have weird names for your pets!!!!


Stephanie said...

My cat did exactly the same thing last week, only with a bag of silver chenille pipe cleaners. Can't they be loveable little brats?!? BTW, I wanted to name our cat Hershey, but daughter & granddaughter vetoed that & chose Muffin instead. I have a JRT named after Baby Bop (Sissy), but lots of my dogs have had "people" names like Ritchie from Happy Days!

Love your newest creations ~ spectacular as usual!!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

The Feathered Nest said...

I wonder if the noodles tasted good to your kitty?? I love all of their names. Cats sure can be pretty meddlesome, mine mostly look around for a warm spot as they don't have much hair! Chester and Thelma are their names. I love them because they sound like sweet elderly names....Your birdies are always so beautiful, Laurie! I love to see each new creation ~
xxoo, Dawn

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Our dog is Princess. She thinks she is the center of the universe, so that name suits her very well!

Miss Maddie's said...

I have two Siamese that I have posted basking in the sunshine before.Empress Ling and Tallulah and of course that has been shortened to LingLing and LuLu. Every once in a while they have been called other things but we save those for more devilish moments.I must not forget to mention the doggie, Madelaine.

Adrienne said...

Your cats are just too funny! I love it. My cat's name is Savannah but I usually call her "SillyGirl". All one word - fast. ~Adrienne~

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauire, oh what a crazy cat eating the dried pasta!! Cats are crazy sometimes, we had a darling called Coco more to do with her color of cocoa brown and white, anyways she ate tinsel, every Christmas she would seek out the tinsel and eat it! J & j xo

cindy said...

Ohmygosh, that is soo funny. One of mine has gotten gum out of my purse (stick kind) and I found it chewed up on the floor. One of our cats (the chewer) is Pea Pod, who mostly goes by P, or PP. The other is Butter Bean, who is aka Beanie, or Beaner or sometimes Tink (she does a thing on tippy toes that looks like a Tink). Which is probalby way more than you wanted to know. Fun to hear other cat stories.

Daisy's said...

Fiddle, Hamlet, Pip, Lilly, Scout and Wrench! Wrench is an outside kitty that came to me as a stray. He was a gunmetal gray black color and I would find him every morning, lying on his back, under my car as if he were a mechanic. So, wrench. He comes inside occasionally, when its really cold out. Otherwise you could get him to come in if you tied him up. He was a stray and probably born and raised outdoors. I hd a kitty pass away not to long ago. His name was Magoo but every one just called him "Goo". Imagine standing on your porch every evening and hollering "Goo Goo". The neighbors thought I was insane until they found out it was a cat I was calling. Now they just think Im crazy.