Sunday, January 13, 2008

milk glass

Im making this post very short. My computer went to the pc hospital, should have it back by Wed. Just wanted to mention that I measured the milk glass that my little red birdie is sitting on...its 4" high and 4" wide...little big for an egg cup...isnt this "hobnail" guess I should add that word to my ebay listing....I'll be putting on another birdie on, as soon as I get my computer back...I also found another "goodie" to put my birdies on...stay tuned Ill show you the "before". lol


Miss Rhea said...

I hope you computer feels better soon. Give it a little glimmer mist, that might do it. But whatever you do, DON'T GIVE IT FRUITCAKE !! lol I am drooling over your birdies !! I want the tussie !! I am having a giveaway, come enter !! Hugs,

Julie said...

Don't you feel like you are missing an arm when your computer is down??