Sunday, July 1, 2007

Antique store finds

These are the spoons I got at an antique store this weekend. I'll take pictures of the tea cups tomorrow.


Ele said...

In shopping this weekend, I saw spoons made into wall hooks. Some were on wooden plaques, others just plain on the wall. A little hole was drilled into the bowl (this is where the nail was put through into the wall). The handle was bent up as a hook. I think I'm going to have to get some spoons like you did and try these cute little hooks. Just wanted to share!

Adrienne said...

I love old silverware, especially spoons. Your new treasures are great.

Sugar Bear said...

Oh so fabulous!

Michele said...

Laurie, What a wonderful surprise to see my little birds. I am such a great fan of yours, the birds are so precious.
Thank you, Thank you!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

I love love these old spoons!!

Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Fun finds~
I saw your centerpiece @ Talk of Tomatoes. Thanks for coming to our little party.

Amy said...

We have an antique mall here that has thousands and thousands AND THOUSANDS of pieces of antique silverware. Most pieces are 50-99 cents each and some are very ornate and pretty. Do you look for any certain styles or patterns?? email me and let me know if I could send any special ones to you. I would be glad to do it for you.