Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Chatting with you...and a touch of Aqua

One of my little sewing machines
These child size spoon and fork were in the junk bin...WHAT??!! They didn't see the charm and beauty?!
I picked up this wooden thing, it had an ugly picture in it, It was so easy to cover it with the Glacier Blue crackle med, when dry, I glazed over it with 3 or 4 colors to create age, then I painted the birds nest.
I got some exciting news in the mail. About 6 mo. ago I asked Create and Decorate mag. to look at my flickr to see if they would be interested in me being in their mag. She said she would like a couple of things and gave me a deadline. I missed it for one item...shoot!!! So, I wrote her and said, sorry, I received a letter today saying she still wanted it, and would give me an extra money...What??!! So, I got out my needle felting stuff...I felt kinda funny, when I realized (my Z works what the problem was...remember when my kitty ripped my lip open...I had put away my felting (thats what I was doing at the time). Remember when you tell your kids to get back up on the proverbial horse....I didn't think it would be ME. So, I got a grip, got out my needles. sent the kitties to the other room and needle felt so good (no pun the So, the promise of lots of money got me in gear and I "gotter done". Yea for me (pat on the back)
I got some more good news, but I'll share that tomorrow


Lisa said...

Oh I'm a big fan of your needle felting! I cannot wait to see the magazine and to hear your new news!
Hugs, Lisa

Just a little something from Judy said...

Congratulations!! I am also a big fan of your needle felting. In fact it totally amazes me. As for the next news...I can't wait for that!

I did not get to give my aunt her ice cream scoop yet, as she is out of town. I can't wait!

Beth Leintz said...

Congratulations on another publication- and for getting back on the needle felting horse.

You know something kind of funny- the last comment you left me you said something about wanting to have another antique booth. And then today, you have a picture of a little sewing machine on your blog- I sold a little sewing machine just like that one yesterday.... I guess that's not an earth shattering coincidence, but it did seem kind of interesting...

The Joy of Nesting said...

Bravo Little Miss!!!!!!!!

I've been hoping you would get back in the saddle again!!! Ya done good :)

Uhhhhh another publication!! How exciting!! You are getting to quite a celebrity. Soon we'll all know you as the "Felting Diva" :)

Pattie ;)

Bunny said...

Congratulations, can't wait to see what you come up with. Love your little nest.

Adrienne said...

Hi, my friend -
I'm so glad you have picked up your felting again and that you are going to be featured in the magazine. Can't wait to hear more about it - and to see it when it becomes reality. Keep up the good work! Love your little sewing machine. What a darling. ~Adrienne~

The French Bear said...

That is so awesome!!! Good for you!
Your needle felt creations are wonderful!
Margaret B

Halo Hill said...

Awesome! To have people who love your things so much they want to pay you is the ultimate compliment, don't you think? Congratulations!!


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Congratulation on getting your lovely things in another publication. VBG I also love needle felting and wet felting too. I bought heaps of lovely wook at the Michigan Fiber Festival and I am planning on doing some felting soon.

It is my 3rd. Blogaversary with some pressie to giveaway. Hope you stop by to see. VBG

Hugs My Friend. Judy