Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Latest Bird and ATC's

I joined an ATC swap...thanks to taking Joanne Sharpe's class I was able whip these out in no time. If you want to take the best class ever...and the best need to sign up for her Lettering Love 101 class...its not to late...its only $35...treat yourself...and it will be a wonderful treat!!! Hope to see you there!
I made a little holder for the atc's to sit in while they travel to their new home
This gal is the largest I have ever made...because it is sitting on the largest sugar bowl I have ever seen. 8" high and 7" wide. Lots of vintage lace and buttons. A very pale pink Bird


Linda Kittmer said...

Laurie, your blog is wonderful and I'm loving the work you're doing in Letter Love!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, it is TWEET, Laurie! I love it!! Pale pale pink sounds yummy, too!

Flor Larios Art said...

Cool items! Love the spring feel they have!

Anne said...

I received your 6 ATCs in the mail on Thursday 2/16! They are so LOVELY! Every one of them! ...and you must know that yours were the VERY FIRST to arrive for this trade! Not to mention...yours were my very first EVER piece of art I have received in the mail. Thanks for helping to make history! lol. You are now mentioned in my brand new blog with a link to your blog here.

Teresa said...

Hi Laurie
I got your ATC from the Strathmore swap. I wanted to look you up and let you know how cute I thought the little pink birdie was. And much to my suprise when I saw the drawing you are doing in your sketch books. They are wonderful! Keep doing whatever you are doing because they look great. Thanks for the ATC.