Monday, July 9, 2012

Journal Cover

Another fabric journal cover. A little simpler design, those flowers hanging...I cut off a sleeve of a blouse and turned it upside down...I love how it turned out.
I'm getting all excited again...Sat. I get to take what may be my last class with Christie Repasy, I plan to do some pale white.light pink roses. It has already helped me so much, just taking the one classes. I pulled out some very vintage postcards I collected years ago, I'm studding them. I just love learning new things. I'm also taking the next class at Artful Gathering with Nellie Wortman...its not just taking the class, but to see what others are doing is such an inspiration. I'm also taking a mini class with Stephanie Lee, both are starting soon.
This summer is about sewing, painting, soldering, flea markets, a few summers!!!

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Marilou of Lulus Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Hi Laurie I'm taking that class too I took her class last year and I took her journal wrap class too, so much fun and you will learn alot and love it. Nellie's classes are my favorites! I'll show my wrap this weekend, Hugs and see ya soon, Marilou