Monday, September 17, 2012

Tourists For the Day

 What a fun day Stacey and I had. She didn't tell me where we were going, it was just going to be a fun day and boy was it!!  We started out going to see Rascal Flats get their star put on the Hollywood street. We were so close, they didn't sing, but they had their music blasting
 Look at all the photographers, the bottom right is what the crowd looked like
 The wife of one of them was on the Apprentice with Donald Trump, Look at those HEELS
 After that we went back to our car and saw that we were parked in front of this restaurant that belongs to Boogie from "Big Brother". We saw they were filming down the street..".Hello Love"
 Then we drove a little further and came across High Voltage, " LA INK" these are painting on the outside walls, incredible,
This is the tattoo shop that Kat Von d owns shes the one with the red hair. we went inside, Stacey recognized the guys that were working . After we left there, we passed by where they were filming Dennis Quid's "Vegas" we didnt see him, but they were filming.
 Then we had an hour before our next stop, so we ate at this "Shakey Alibis" made famous by "Paris Hilton"
It was a waffle topped with homemade ice cream, it was really good...Then we went to the "Grove" Where Mario Lopez tapes his Extra show...It was a hoot
 The new dancer Psy was going to be a guest...we didn't have time to wait to see him, but we did watch this huge "gangham style" FLASH MOB. I've always wanted to see it...fantastic! They practiced 3 times.
Mario front and cute.
 Well, I hope you enjoyed your trip with us, it is just so much fun to be a tourist for a day!!!

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Jeanne said...

I don't get out to Southern California anymore but on a previous visit I saw a commercial being filmed with lots of camels and a drive through the mall parking lot that was used in Back To The Future. It must be exciting to live out there!