Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Journal Book Cover

I had a few days into my art studio (which is just a corner of my bedroom) I started cleaning and organizing...trying to get acrylic paints in one area, oil paints in another, colored pencils, neo crayons, paper goods, sewing goodies. We have a long closet, so one bookcase is mine for crafts. The cleaning didn't last long, As soon as I could see my desk top...I started working on the cover of my art journal that I have been working in for months. Its an old 1940's book and falling apart. lots of mod podge to hold it together.
Now I'm ready for the new year, taking new classes, lots of learning ahead!

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Blessings from Cindy said...

Lovely Laurie! Sometime I would love to see the step by step instructions on how you paint & ink a piece. I know it would be crazy slow to do it that way, but I would love it! Wish I could take some classes with you! Happy New Year!