Friday, March 30, 2012

Hand Painted Bird Nests

I painted up another batch of postcards last night. I'm thinking I should make some to add to my etsy...then comes my question...postcards or make cards or make them to fit into frames
any ideas?
and then...
I used up my last bit of pale green wool for my birdies...I purchase wool skirts from thrifts stores, I cut up into pieces and boil. Now, there are a LOT of different colors of white...this one had a yellow undertone. It took me quite a few pieces to come up with the right combination of greens and blues. because of the yellow, I found I was using more blues, its hard to tell be the ones on the right are the pale green that I like to use to make my birds
oh, I had to show you my wonderful pencil that I got at Dick Blick...It fits my hand beautifully.
I even dunked some rayon ribbon

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