Saturday, March 24, 2012

I have a plan

Here is my plan, I plan to help my daughter Stacey get a photography web site going, or a blog, or something. For her 30th birthday she treated herself to a trip to Oregon. Her birthday is on the 17th. She thought the weather was going to be ok...well, it wasn't what she expected...snow, sleet, freezing rain...snow...rain...snow and then some sunshine. While in a little town of Stayton, she has been taking hundreds of photos of her extended family.
This sweet girl Sam tried on a hat that her mom had packed away from Halloween, after they all watched Top Model, they thought the hat was appropriate
Sam is a stunning 12 year old.
She does have a younger sister, I'll be posting pictures of soon

While there, Stacey has the opportunity to take someones senior photos, back here in So. Cal, she has a photography appointment with another young girl.

The family has an old farm, which supplies great photo ops.
These are just a few she has sent me. They are such high resolution, I have to
make them fit in the by one. anyone know how to downsize a group of photos in photoshop elements 9??


Adrienne said...

How exciting! Is that the news you were going to share with me? Stacey's work is wonderful. I hope she gets a lot of business and can pursue her talents farther.

Blessings from Cindy said...

Your daughter, Stacey, has real talent!! Love the pics and I'm sure that you will enjoy helping her get her blog/website going. Best of luck to her & her photography endeavors! I know how awful the weather was here and it wasn't fun! The snow was very wet & heavy; lots of broken limbs & fallen trees. Happy 30th to Stacey!!