Thursday, June 7, 2007

Black Bird on a Green Urn

I made this sweet little black bird out of wool it is my own design, I set him on a pincushion made of vintage lace and buttons. The green urn has a band of black and gold glass beads. This stands at 7". How cute would it look in a garden setting, on a shelf or table.


Natasha Burns said...

Laurie you are just too talented!!! it's gorgeous!!!! I just posted pics of my lovely parcel from you on my blog, head on over for a peek!
THank you for the lovely birds, and the other lovelies, they are all adorable!


Hi Laurie!
I just came from Natashas blog after i saw your beautiful birds you made for her. They are so gorgeous. i just love your creations. I will be back often!

*Paint Mine Pink*

katydiddy said...

Adorable! Looks like a cupcake to me, but then I see cupcakes EVERYWHERE!

Sonia ~ C. Crafts & Collectibles said...

Hello Laurie,
Just saw your beautiful stuff that Natasha recieved. Your creations are lovely. I enjoyed looking through your blog. I particularly like that sewing machine cover.
Yuo are one talented lady... keep it up.

Ele said...

You are so talented. I'm adding you to my favs so I don't miss anything!

thevintageboquet said...

OHHHHH Laurie...How precious your creations are!!! I love knowing that every inch of these goodies have the 'hands-on' touch..
I love the rouge kitty in the box with the birdies..just darling..
Thanks for comments to my blog..
Carport sale this a.m...whew! Deb

Michele said...

Hi Laurie,
I just came from Natashas blog and I don't think I have seen anything sweeter than your lovely birds, they are wonderful. I want to order some, please tell me how I do so. You are so talented!