Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sparkly Pink Bird, Tea cup

WoW!! Thank you all for all your support!! Everyone that I have met through this blogging is what keeps me going!! Thank you Thank you!! I had this tea cup and the roses are a darker pink, I already had the birdie dyed a lighter pink...so I got out my sparkly pink fabric paint and washed it all over this bird. It turned out so sweet and glittery. I just put it on Ebay. I will be putting on another one tomorrow.


Lori said...

Gorgeous!!! I just love glittery pinkness and this is perfection!!!

Natasha Burns said...

LOVE the glitter bird!!!! Well done Laurie, you are doing so well! Oh and I see you worked out the hyperlink, woohoo!

Sugar Bear said...

I love the sparkle and the darker pink shade.

saraeden said...

your little birds are very pretty and cute , i love anything thats pink and glittery !!

Sara .

vickie said...

So precious Laurie, congrats on the magazine article. Your work is very special!