Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter. Easter egg dyes are great for eggs...but its also great for wool felt! This is what I did yesterday...I get the felt wet before I put it in the dye bath and just leave absorbs all the color...I did forget to put gloves on, my hands are multicolored, lol.
Here are a couple of new bloggers that would love for you to visit and welcome them to this wonderful land of blogging. Lisa
I'll pick a winner this evening for my giveaway...please scroll down and leave me a message on that post...tags. Have a wonderful day everyone...thank you for all your concern!!! The swelling wont go down, I have been icing it for 3 days! The stitches will come out on Tue...does anyone know if that hurts???


Utah Grammie said...

Beautiful spring colors perfect for an Easter Sunday! Happy Glorious Safe and Wonderful Easter to you my friend :-)

Betty said...

Love your dyed wool!

I think the removal of the stitches will just tickle...not hurt. At least, I hope so, for your've already endured enough pain!

Love ya.

TattingChic said...

Fun colors! Happy Easter to you and yours, Laurie! I wonder if I entered your giveaway! I'd better go and check! :)

Miss Rhea said...

The Kitties have a poison in their claws, that is why you swell up when they scratch you. You probably just got an awful lot of it in your skin, but it will go down. I haven't had stitches, but it probably wont even hurt at all :) ( Cause I said so !!! lol !! Tell, your Dr. that Miss Rhea said this isn't going to hurt !! lol !! ) Hugs to you sweet friend and Happy Easter !! Gosh. that wool is gorgeous !! :)

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

GOsh those colors make me hungry for some reason! LOL

Anonymous said...

Laurie, not to worry, removing stitches doesn't hurt. It tickles.
Just take good care! Keep it clean and keep the ointments on it so it won't scar.
I'm allergic to kitty scratches too.
But I can't bear the thought of having one declawed.