Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trip to the ER

No joke!!! Oh my goodness...I was getting my blog changed yesterday afternoon and my kitty jumped up on my lap and I think he put his paw in my sewing kit that was open and maybe stuck himself...anyway...he freeked, and kicked and the next thing I know I have blood flowing everywhere from my I ran into the bathroom and got a towel...still not knowing what husband walked in from work right then and he took one look and said....its not good. We have a tenant that is going to school to become a nurse, so we went over there and she said...get to the! There is an Urgent care just down the road, so I went in there, took off the towel...and she said...get to the!. So, Dean called Stacey to meet us at the ER in Silverton...they took me right in...asked if I got mauled by a, I still didn't have a clue what I looked like, but I was kinda getting the picture. The Dr. who was a plastic surgeon, this is going to he numbed me....over and over and over again. I squeeled like a little pig, squeezing Staceys hand so tight it turned white...Then he stitched and stitched and stitched....two lip was totally ripped open from one side of my nose at an angle to my lip. there was a puncture on my bottom lip. my entire chest is scratche up, a big rip on my arm. So they also gave me a tetnes shot....Stacey took me home to her place so she could nurse me...she did a darn good job!! So I'm back home....took my meds and I'm going back to sleep.
Oh, I forgot, when I was at Staceys last night we smelled smoke, we looked out her back window and there is a big fire blazing, where there shouldn't be a she called the fire dept. they said it was a good thing she called...


Just a little something from Judy said...

Oh my goodness! You poor thing. How could all of that happened so quickly? I am sorry that you had to go through all of those shots and the pain of stitches. I sure do hope you feel much better soon.

Betty said...

Laurie...what the h...?? You could be writing a novel about your happenings in just the past few months! This sounds really serious!

I'm so sorry you were injured; your kitty must have been so scared by whatever happened she (he?) didn't realize she
was harming you.

Take good care of your face, etc. Let us know how you are doing.

Betty said...

Well, duh! I just re-read your post and realized you did say "he" when referring to your feline friend. Sorry for the slip-up abou "she". Take care.

Oh, my word verification is 'pylavaba'...sounds like a word you might say with stitches in your lip, eh?

Melissa said...

Hey now, enough excitement over there for now okay?

CountryMouse said...

Oh my goodness you poor thing. What a day you have had.
I only came across your blog today and the first post I read was this one. Isnt it amazing how quickly something in our day can change.
Your kitty must have been really frightened to behave like that.
Take care of yourself and I pray for a quick recovery for you.


Brook said...

I follow your blog and feel bad that you were hurt, Hope you heal quickly. You might check your cat to see where it might have been punctured or cut to cause the accident. Might get and infection and then you would have a vet bill and a cat to nurse. Hope the fire caused very little damage. I'll be back to check on you, vist me Brook, would like to be added to your side bar, thanks Blessings

Sharon said...

I hope you are feeling better. That had to be so frightening. It just hurts to think about it. Take care. Sharon

Adrienne said...

Oh Laurie, I could hardly believe what I was reading! Take care of yourself and get better. Hope you're doing OK now and will have a quiet, uneventful evening. ~Adrienne~

The Joy of Nesting said...

EEEH GADS Little Miss!!

Life should slow down soon don't you think?? Take your meds!!! keep the incinsion and sutures really clean both inside and outside your lip!! Rest, any sign of infection go directly to the doctor!! While your resting you can think up a really great story about how you were wounded in... :)

I have you in my thoughts Little Miss. Tell Stacy she did a great job!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

PS> If I'd known you wanted a matching (oh so sexy)lip scar I'm sure there must be an easier way :}

Lisa said...

Your life is way too exciting and not in a good way! A girl at work had 2 of her cats fall in the tub with her and destroy her back trying to get out, LAST NIGHT! I've had 2 swipes at my face. By the same cat (you'd think I'd Learn!!) I thought he'd gone through my lip like yours but it just went really close. no stitches looks just fine minor scar. Sorry! Feel better!
Hugs, Lisa

Phyllis said...

Oh Laurie! I know how badly cat scratches hurt but on your face??? All I can say is ouch!

Is there some kind of weird mojo going on around you out there??

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Oh you poor dear. I hope you heal without too much pain.

Utah Grammie said...

Oh. My. Heck! Who have you ticked off lately? So many crummmy things! You poor baby - maybe it was a good thing you didn't see what you looked like. Poor kitty (and hubby who first saw you!) Please get well soon and know we are all giving you a great big cyber hug! Oh, the blog looks GREAT! As usual!

Barb said...

Oh my word!!
Not at all what i expected to find when i came here to visit.

That was probably traumatic for everyone.

Hope you are OK.

Blessings, and take care.

Barbara Jean

Did you find out what the fire was?

Linda said...

Hi Laurie,
What a terrible time you have been having lately, I hope you are starting to feel a bit better and I hope that you have a wonderful Easter.
Cheers Linda

Recycled Rita said...

What a crazy, horrible accident. My daughter accidentally closed our cats tail in the door and he scratched the beegeebees out of her too. She didn't need stitches and it was her hand and leg but still so traumatic!
Hope you heal quickly! karen...

Joanne Kennedy said...

OMG! The last time I came to visit you were upset you couldn't find your camera. I fully expect to come here and read that you got a great camera and all was well.

You poor thing. So much has been going on in your life! Hopefully this is the end to the bad stuff!

Hope all goes well for your daughter's friend. Though it's kind of hard to feel sorry for someone who knew what he was up against and still did something so stupid! I know it's different when you know and love the person though.


Mermaids of the Lake said...

Oh, my gosh. What a story. I came by to visit you for Pink Saturday and kept reading. I hope you are feeling better. What a strange accident. Does kitty feel horrible about it?

My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Oh Laurie OUCH!!! I hope you get to feeling better soon hon that has to hurt .


JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Hi Laurie,
So sorry this happened to you. It reminded me of when I was five and accidentally put my head through a window. I had stitches and still have the scar to prove it.

Hope you heal well.