Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ode to Orange

So, here we go...Jenny Matlock chose the color ORANGE this week.
I must brag on my daughter just a bit. Stacey took all these delightful photos.
Yes, the famous Carmel apple
These flowers were at a farmers market

A field of orange flowers at the LA Arboretum

CB2 had this fun table scape, I had to buy one of the yellow cups. I love it

Outside our place

Whole Foods

Yep, Whole Foods again

How cute is this little boy in the Orange shirt

Look at the paint job on the VW.
Be sure and take off and visit other ORANGEs at Jenny Matlock
Don't you agree, Stacey takes fabulous photos...
and I have to pay $$ to learn how to take photos.
What fun we are struggling, and
watching her snap, snap snap the best pictures


Annesphamily said...

Come see my oranges too! I really like yours. I see so many different aspects of the colors we are using this summer. I am always amazed. I almost took a shot of the fresh carrots at the Natural Grocery! We think alike! Very cool post. Come join me soon. Anne

Terra said...

OH my that yummy dish on top has my mouth watering!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Love all your oranges - one of my mostest favoritest of colors!

Jingle said...

the orange car is my favorite.
beautiful orange images.

Rebecca said...

My mom has an orange volkswagon-called sunset orange-I never think of orange till Halloween-thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

What wonderful photos. Stacey, it looks like you are well on your way to becoming a photographer. Well, actually, I think you already are. Those shots are great. My favorite was the orange roses!

Thanks for a lively and fun orange post on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's summer school!


Christy said...

Your daughter is a natural! Great orange photos!

jeff campbell said...

Lovely photos...very cool orange 'things'...Peace and blessings

Cheryl said...

She's definitely got an eye for what works. Keep plugging away ~ you'll get there.

Susan said...

Loving all the pretty flowers, those orange roses are gorgeous...
QUESTION: what kind of "caramel apple" was that? it looks so yummy and so UN-caramel.