Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fun Paper...and a Before 'n After, Parade

Oops, I forgot to turn these pictures right side up, so don't hurt
The paints puddle and "does its own thing"
I like how this one turned out...Its all done on Yupo paper
Have you ever tried Yupo??? It is a strange slick paper, you have no control over your paint.
My 1.50 sconce (its a nice wooden one)
I covered up the gold part with black...and in the grooves
Silver Rub 'n Buff....I like it soooo much better.
I'm not a gold gal.
Thank you Jan
I always get a little teary eyed on New Years,
The Rose Parade.
We use to live where they parked the floats the night before the parade
It was always fun to walk around at night, all the hustle bustle.
People stayed up all night, little bbqs, laughing and singing.
we would walk a few blocks early the next morning and watch the parade with friends
right on Orange Grove
Seeing Pasadena, the blue sky and the mountains,
just makes me realize how much our life has changed
It was a wonderful time


Sherry Goodloe said...

Happy New Year. Love the roses you painted on that cool Yupo paper. I also like your redo of the $1.50 sconce. Great job there!

Betty said...

Ooh, that sconce turned out so nice. And your watercolors...beautiful!

Jack was raised in southern California and talks about the Rose Parade and what fun it was. Maybe someday....

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Happy New Year..I have never heard of yupo paper..or if I've seen it didn't realize it had a your roses turned out beautifully..The sconce was a still and you made it look like a million..hugs ~lynne~

Shirl said...

Hello, love your painted roses and your sconce came out so pretty. I love the Rose Parade too, I've only seen it on TV. It must be so neat to have been there in person. I'm a flower desigener and I would be in heaven.
Happy New Year, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Happy New Year Laurie. Best wishes for 2009!!!

Great Yupo Paper :) Wonderful water colors.


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

That would have been wonderful to see. Life does change. I've always wanted to try watercolors again. I always felt like I had a lack of control, which was hard for me! Your pictures are beautiful.

Jan and Tom's Rose Haven said...

Happy NEW Year!!

I love what you did with the Rub 'n Buff!! Isn't that "stuff" the best???

Miss Sandy said...

Oh, I have just fallen in snowman love! The one on your banner is so darling! You have the most wonderful designs! I can see my allowance this year may just be flowing your way! Have a happy and creative New Year! said...

I've never heard of Yuppo, but sure do love rub n'buff!

Anonymous said...

Brave artist! I can't stand yupo paper! LOL! I like the canvas that comes primed for watercolor - puddles just enough but not as much as yupo. You are a free spirit, Laurie my friend! You go! I think I'm too compulsively perfectionistic for yupo! LOL!
Love the felting! Love the dots! Love your banner!