Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Spring Time Birdie and Nest

AAAAck! I changed my mind (I'm a woman, I'm allowed...right?!?) I just added this to ETSY (not ebay....) I'll give it a week..I guess I'm just that bad???

The nest is needle felted lightly and the eggs...I wet felted, then use different techniques for dying them...what fun I had!! Cant wait to share my day with you to the lamb fields!!! (kitties are behaving today)


Barb said...

I just love your little felted nests. They are so delicate.

I finished some mini nests, and pins.
One of my mini nests i put on a spoon easel, like yours, but not as cute.
(well, I'm just a beginner spoon bender you know!) =0))

Have a new nest made now two.
Having so much fun with these mini's

Barbara Jean

Sharon said...

OK So I am slow today. But I can't get to your Etsy. Crrrrrrrrrrrrrr! What's it called? Sharon

Angela Harris said...

I can't get enough of the little birdie spoons. I have to go check out what you have available in etsy and Ebay.

TattingChic said...

Oh, this is so sweet and adorable! You are really enjoying your felting, aren't you! You've made some cutie pie things with it! :)