Friday, March 13, 2009

Sping is on the way in Oregon!!

AAAAAAh, my favorite flowers...doesn't this mean SPRING is on its way??!!! Please!

This little critter is my latest....(listed on ETSY)
She is sitting in a woven Silver basket. The moss is great wool roving
I cut and dyed all the little flowers and made the little needle felted eggs
I was given the set of bowls from a dear friend/student, that I taught painting to, she has since passed away, and I will treasure them. I did get Stacey a set...from thrifting, one piece at a time...that was a good time.


Adrienne said...

Ah, yes - Spring, sweet Spring in Oregon. It looks like it's really going to happen. If I was bored by your blog I wouldn't keep coming back! Keep on sharing from your heart. ~Adrienne~

Barb said...

More wonderful treasures.
I do so love your little critters!!

Barbara Jean

The Joy of Nesting said...

I wouldn't have thought it was possible but I do believe your bunnies just keep getting cuter :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx

Anonymous said...

I know, Laurie. I think we're all ready for 70 degrees and sunshine!

Betty said...

Beautiful daffodils! I know how glad you are to see them!

What a precious little bunny. You are something else in the 'craft' department! Good one.

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

I love daffodils too; they are everywhere in Guernsey at the minute. Your bunny is so adorable and the pink heart is a sweet touch.

Michelle Palmer said...

Cute little bunny...