Monday, March 2, 2009

Painting on Plastic

A few of you have asked how I paint on my laptop, mouse and phone...first it is sprayed with Primer when that is dry (or not dry in the case of my phone) I spray it with whatever color I want for the background preferably with a flat paint. If it is a satin, it can be sticky. So then I do my paint with acrylics and spray it with a matte finish...Stacey basecoated the mouse with gesso, which sticks to anything...then she just painted it with acrylics, then it doesn't get sticky. Hope that helps. ~~~~~~I added my little bunny,eggs, plate, fork easel to my EBAY starting at 99cents.


ceekay said...

Amazing as always. I did look at your ebay site. You have beautiful items. Course, I would like them all! Your bunnies are just the cutest! Have a great week.

Betty said...

Thanks for the 'how-to'; you and Stacy are so amazing with your new and different ideas. Who would have thought to paint their laptop, phone, mouse? What a hoot!

Your newest little bunny is adorable. You are getting such good responses putting your items on ebay!