Thursday, March 5, 2009

Silly Kitty

Why oh why didn't I take a picture...I have one STRANGE kitty!! Remember the kitty that loves hard pasta out of a bag...If we leave a piece of will disappear...he loves it!!! Well, we came home tonight to the biggest mess in the living room...powder...everywhere...then we discovered a bag.uh oh...I had put a box bisquick on top of the fridge...he had pulled it down, opened up the box, brought out the bag....tore it open then dragged it into the living room where he dumped it out, rolled in it, ate some (it was all over him) we were laughing could you not...Crazy Kitty!!!


Sharon said...

How old is this feline comedian!! I wish you had taken a picture. How much fun kitty must have had. Now picture kitty with a little water, mix it up and we would have the "dough kitty". I digress but I am still laughing. Sharon

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Thank goodness neither of my cats ever did that, now my dogs... that's another story! Too funny!

tam said...

Oh my gosh that is so funny! You have to take a picture the next time your kitty mis-behaves like that! Do you have cat nip that it is getting into?
Have a nice day~Tam:D

Lori said...

i wish i could see that!!! how funny!!!

Utah Grammie said...

You need to set up a "nanny-Cam" or in this case a "Kitty-Cam" and watch the whole thing - It could be a real hit on YouTube!!

Betty said...

Hope all that powder doesn't turn into dough and clog up his works! You may be finding 'kitty biscuits' all over your house soon, eh?

Melissa said...

A kitty tart! lol Aren't cats wonderfully entertaining?

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! So funny!

We used to sprinkle flour on our dining room table when we went somewhere to see if our little feline was climbing up there while we were gone. True to form...there were always little footprints when we got home! Sometimes she didn't play dumb and jump down before we got inside and would be lying, prissy as you please, on top of one of the placemats!
What characters!

Anonymous said...

PS: Check out the kitty getting into the litter container here in the little video:
"Who me?"
You'll have to scroll down a couple of posts.