Sunday, November 1, 2009

PEARS day 2

I started with a blue undertone on the shaded side of the pears
After quite a few layers of red and pinks...I scanned this... I have never scanned anything. The top has disappeared, now I'm going to put it in Photoshop...I'm love'n this photoshop!!


Sherry Goodloe said...

wow, that's cool Laurie!

Miss Rhea said...

That looks much better than the real thing :) Now you need to paint the OTHER sides of the Pear with a little critter munching away, lol !! :) Sorry to read about your bada tenant. You are too nice to have to deal with Yicky people like that. I hope this week is 100% better and all of those that appreciate you will show it :) Hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Laurie, the bites out of the beautiful pears reminds me that a neighbor we used to live by would leave a bowl of dry cat food out for their cat - she wondered why it was always so quickly disappearing. We found out who the culprits were - blue jays! Honestly! Blue Jays like cat food!

I'll bet you have some squirrels or chipmunks in your neighborhood!
But...the blue jays ate chunks out of are apples on our trees last year! They'll apparently eat anything! So maybe that's who's been at your pears!

Diane :-)