Saturday, October 31, 2009


What happened at your house Halloween night???
When we went for our drive the other day,
we stopped at an outdoor produce stand.
We brought
home these beautiful red pears. I suggested that we put them
outside, our deck is surrounded by a fence. They'll be fine...I said..
ummm, Dean went outside this morning and this is what he found.
Now what creature came in the middle of the night and had a snack???

So, what does one do with pears that have been nibbled on...why, you turn them around and take a picture so they can be painted...of course.


Utah Grammie said...

I love pears - fresh - not canned - and these are lovely! Hopefully whoever ate them enjoyed them as well! I have never seen to tasted red pears - any determinable difference?

Lisa said...

Yummy snack! It is funny they left some!
Hugs, Lisa

Adrienne said...

I'm thinking it could have been a raccoon! They love things like that but I don't know why they would only eat a bite or two. I wouldn't eat them now, of course, but they are so pretty when turned around. Maybe you can make a still life on your deck so you can see it from your home. A bountiful harvest arrangement.