Friday, October 16, 2009


I want to see if you can imagine this.... My husband is a very manly man. Maybe a touch vain when he going out in public. Very outdoorsy, but really really funny. So, his leg is pretty bad. Still cant put it down without it hurting... Stacey had the day off, I asked her to bring over her crutches for dad. The week before, she showed me her crutches...she had painted them a pretty purple and put rhinestones on them...they are soooo pretty. Well, Dean didn't know that she had painted them, so when she brought them over we laughed and laughed. On the flip side of that, to be funny, I had some pjs that were way to big for me, so I had Dean put them on, they had purple flowers...So that was another big funny...So here is a manly man with womans purple Pjs walking around the house with pretty purple crutches.
About 2 hours later we needed to go to the store. Dean was so tired of being cooped up, he put his jeans on (just so you wouldn't think he kept my pjs and hobbled out to the car. We got in to Winco (with the purple crutches) he quickly realized he wasn't going to be able to go with us. So we sat him down on the bench. When we went to pick him up...he really didn't want to go...all the women were commenting on his beautiful purple crutches. Stacey and I laughed sooo hard. When I get a chance I'll post photos of the crutches.


Adrienne said...

I saw that one coming as the story began to unfold! I would have had a hard time not laughing, too. Maybe this was the attention he needed to take his mind off how bad he hurts. Hope he starts getting better soon.

juls4real said...

Sounds like a new business to me? Bling, bling crutches. What a cute and funny story. Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is adorable.