Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Day Off

Saw this cute little fence
Went to the Irvine Flea Market, the weather was fabulous...we got there just as folks were starting to pack up...thats when the best deals are made. I've been wanting an old stoneware
coffee cup, I couldn't pass up this "rootbeer" stoneware bottle. I've started collecting a FEW small things for the sake of "photography" thats what I keep telling myself...ha ha ha

I have just a couple of things I want to replace that had to stay behind when we moved...I wanted an old typewriter...she had $25 marked out on the tag with $15 written in...I asked her if she would take $10....Yeppie, it is now mine...Cant wait to use it in my photography!!
Have you looked at the price on ebay and etsy, wow, really expensive

I added a couple of textures...its to much, but I didn't have time to fiddle. Speaking of textures. Kim Klassen is having a class on making our textures...hands on, gettin' down and dirty textures. So, I'll be making my own soon! whoo hoo

Now for some sad news, I've been fighting with myself to keep up with Pink Saturday, Its been a chore for the last 6 mo because of my schedule. I pulled out, not going to do it anymore (right now anyway) Its amazing how much better I feel after making the decision, I've been doing it for years and years and it was sad to send the email to Beverly, but whew, I did it.
I feel bad my blog isn't the same as it use to be, I know I've lost some visitors, but we all change
and go different directions. At one point I thought I'd stop blogging, but, I love doing it, I love all the visitors and friends I've made. I love doing Jenny Matlocks Alphabe-Thursday
My daughter has had a rough time trying to get a job down here in So. Calif. She has an interview on Monday. It sounds perfect, we're praying it will be "the one" Life will change
again once she moves out, I will be able to create more...right now we are having the time of our lives visiting cities, antique shops, stores, beaches, mountian...


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your time in's been a long time since I lived there but there was always something fun to do. Love your books and NEED props for your photography, right?? And love your spoons header. I was just looking at the one you send me and enjoying turning it from the rose side to the snowman side! And, if you noticed, you can see your dandilion chalkboard you made for me in my post today :-)

Have a great week and know that blogging needs to be enjoyable and NOT add another stresser to our already stressed out lives..

Jo said...

oh totally jealous that you scored such a great deal on the typewriter ... they are expensive!!!! and your mug is just beautiful! it looks like you had a great day off, and i understand the whole cutting back thing ... sometimes blogging just takes so much time,, but like you i love it too much to quit.

Adrienne said...

My friend, you're stuck with me! I'm not going anywhere - and I completely understand the need to change your blogging life. I had to do that when our son-in-law died and our daughter and grandchildren needed much more of our time. I've still not returned to the 'old' blog pattern. It's OK - life moves and changes and we should, too. Praying for Miss S. and her job interview. Save some fun until I can get down there sometime and run around with you! Think when I do I'll drive so I can fill my SUV (and maybe a UHaul trailer - LOL).

Kaye - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

Praying for your daughter to get just the right job!

And love your different fun projects for photographing. A friend talked me into my easy to use Canon Powershot digital camera and I'm having so much fun taking photos of things like that as well, along with pix of the various craft activities for grandparents and grandchildren - great for fun family memories, that's for sure.

Thanks for the heads up about Kim Klassen. Have you seen the photo tips and helps at for Sweet Shot Tuesday? Lots of great info there as well.

Have a blessed week. :)

Julie said...

Your blog is still just as adorable as it has ever been.. but I know what you mean.. now mine is more of a bulletin board of updates for what is going on with my Father and my husband's health issues!

Julie said...

Yes - I wear a skirt when I ride sidesaddle! I started a blog when I started to learn how to ride. It is The header picture is of me on my sweet Oliver.

Karen said...

Found you by accident, and have stuck around to admire your beautiful photography. Love the textures and editing you've done on this series of photos. I so enjoy seeing the work and creativity of fellow photographers. I'll continue to visit and "follow" you and invite you to visit me, too!