Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankful That we Moved To So. Calif

Just a few minutes out of town there was snow in the mountains
This is Mt. Baldy

coming back down the mountain we had a spectacular sunset

A double rainbow

So peaceful
We came across a farmers market by accident, here is what we found
A lot of firsts for me.
I have never tasted a persmon. It was ok

These were delisious. Like dried apples
Then the best thing ever....
REAL Belgum waffles.
He put in a big ball of dough, takes a little time to get done.
The smell, heavenly

The first one...he accidently put on salt...kinda funny, but
we got the powdered sugar




Miss Rhea said...

Wow, those look so yummy !! I miss So. Cal. Not the earthquakes, but the weather and there is always something to do or see there. :) I miss your sweet birdies !!! I hope you make some soon :) Hugs sweet friend :)

Charlene said...

GREAT photos! I adore California. You are so lucky to live out there. I come out every chance I get. Sooooooooo many of my sweet friends live out there & I just have to live through them & their photos & stories of flea markets, barn sales & stuff they get to do. Have a great week. Charlene