Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sunday Venice Beach Farmer's Market Love

Fresh Asparagus
Love this shot of the fresh flowers

We caught this guy enjoying a pancake right off the griddle

Garlic Roasted Peanuts, aaaah~ the aroma

The beauty of tomatoes

We sampled...but didn't buy any, why?? It was really good
Black Apples

Oh, and the muffins!!!

Fresh made English Muffins. Brought back memories of my Grandmother who
made the sourdough and then the english muffins $8 a package

freshly made pesto....oh so good!!!


WhatKarenSees said...

I love Farmer's Markets, the food, the smells, the art, the fun, and especially the photo ops. All great images makes me wish I had been there with you!

Penny said...

I also love a good Farmers market.Unfortunately the one which we have in my town is a rather poor excuse for one; and I live right in the heart of the farm belt. Go figure.
It consist of maybe 10 vendors and out of the ten half are crafters trying to sell their wares. Only three or four have farm fresh produce.
But we are moving into the cold of late fall/early winter and they are over for the year.


Alison Gibbs said...

What fabulous looking asparagus and how yummy the muffins look
Love Farmers markets, so colourful and fun

Jingle said...

what a fun take on I.