Sunday, January 3, 2010

Its a new year....

I'm generally a happy person. Even when things aren't going so well, I look on the bright side of things. But...(not good when I start with a but...) I do hope the beginning of this new years isn't showing me what the year is going to be like. Maybe when it starts out bad, it can only get better.
So, here is the good and the bad of 2010. Bad-This head cold hit me like a brick wall, headaches like I haven't felt before...good-the headaches are gone but the stuffy head isn't. Thankfully it is a long weekend so I can just relax. Very Bad- last night I lost a big filling on a tooth that needs a crown.
Hopefully the dentist will be able to work me in on Monday...lets hope he isn't on an extended vacation!

On New Years, Baby Peightynn has been confirmed that she has this horrible health problem. They let her go home from the hospital to be with the family

Looking on the bright side. DJ Pettitts on-line workshop is going to be starting. If you are at all interested in Photo Manipulation and learning Photoshop this is the class to take.

Good news, I have had 3 orders for charms...I got them painted and soldered last night, they are ready to send out...


Adrienne said...

Take care of yourself, my friend. I'm under the weather a bit with a cold but not the worst I've had. Things will get better, I'm sure but you just need to take life one step at a time right now. Praying for the sweet little baby and family - that's got to be one of the toughest things I can imagine. Your charms are darling, as usual. Hope the rest of the year is filled with surprises and blessing unimaginable right now.

BECKY said...

Hi Gal, So sorry you're off to a tough start. But it will get better, I'm sure. Love all of your designs. So lovely!

When I started to get congested I did a nasal wash with a neti pot I got at the local drugstore. It literally worked wonders for me, eliminated any congestion and I didn't even get any more. I will NEVER not use it again! Let me know if you try it! They only run about $5-$10

Saying a prayer for you right now.

Diane said...

Oh, Laurie, the tooth thing...Ouch! Sorry to hear this! And a cold on top of it. I lost a filling during a signing one time! And after the signing we were off to Maine for a week so I had some fun chewing for 7 days!
Hope you get an appt. FAST!


The Joy of Nesting said...

Hmmmm Looks to me like the bright side has a slight lead or the the dark. SO that's a pretty good thing. :) Oh I guess I sorta forgot to tell you that a cold/flu virus has a life cycle of 7-10 days :( I'm thinking ya got a couple of more days to go Little Miss.

I will continue to keep Baby Peightynn and her family in mu thoughts. I really think that it's very important and beneficial for Mom finds a support group for parents of terminally ill children. It truly is one of the best things a parent can do for themselves.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Just a little something from Judy said...

I hope by the time you receive this comment that you are feeling much better and that your tooth has been repaired. As for the journey of your friend's baby, my heart aches for all of you as I read each update. It certainly must be so painful!

As for the charms...they are so beautiful! No wonder you sold them. Looking forward to many of your wonderful creations in this new year.

kanishk said...

Hope the rest of the year is filled with surprises and blessing unimaginable right now.
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CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Laurie,

I hope you are feeling better soooooon. Interesting story about your tooth. vbg I love the Bird feeder charm. Huge VBG I just love all your watercolor charms. Very pretty indeed. I reckon I would love your rain anyday compare to our 20 plus inches of snow. VBG Hugs Judy