Thursday, September 20, 2007


I had soooo much fun today...I'm still on "vacation" or "playing hookie" so I played cooking, no cleaning, just a fun day. I am laughing this eve. make these tags, I went to Calif. to paint them, bought things at a bead shop, 2 scrapbooking stores...came home and today I went to 3 scrapbooking stores, ordered some glittery pens online...I think they are probably the most expensive tage out there lol!! Anyway. I have been asked to make some to sell...I dont know what to sell them for, so I put them on Ebay will be fun to watch!. Those scalloped rectangles were cut out from my new Spellbinder die cut. Well, gotta go, the premier "Survivor" is coming on. Let me know what you think about my tags...I'm venturing out of my comfort zone!

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Miss*Laurence said...

pumpkins are my favourites:the colour, the shape, the season...! Loved to see you on my blog too