Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day in my life...

Tuesday...my day off, should be a good day! I had an appointment to get my hair cut...I HATE getting my hair cut. They NEVER cut my hair the way I ask. I always think...they should know what would look best on me...but nooooo. I took in 3 photos of hair that was just touching the shoulders...something simple...she said, oh yes, that is nice...I'm feeling good...I like confidence. Snip Snip, wack wack!!! WHAT 6 inches laying on my chest...(I had had my eyes closed) I should have never looked!! she kept having to straighten one side, then the other...It ended up just under my ears. I have NEVER had my hair cut that short. Yikes. Stacey said she did a nice job....and that it would grow. LOL!!! The lady gave me her card when I left...and I thought...GOOD, I'll know who to NOT ask for next time. I had better luck going to the $12 quickie places. lol
Then....I had to go sit at the bank for 1 1/2 hours...I got a notice that said I was overdrawn...5 times!!! What??!!! Well, come to find out Paypal was double dipping...there must be a glitch in their system. Whenever I used my paypal card...they also took the money out of my bank account...I had suffencient funds in paypal....major mess up. They weren't very helpful on the phone so I decieded to let my bank do the work on my behalf...but she had to enter each deduction one at a time....it took foreeeeever. So, that was my day...hope yours went better!
Oh yes...good news. Sally Jean of Sally Jean soldering, opened up two classes so I signed Stacey and I up for one of her classes. I can solder...not so great...but there is nothing quite like getting away and spending the whole day having fun...besides, it will give us things to look for while we are in So. Calif. we leave in 2 weeks whoohoo!!


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry! I cut my hair and let my sister even it up. I don't have the patience to let her do the whole thing! Right now it's ok. One side does lovely and the other side goes back, but my sister won't cut the good side because she likes it! I'm not in to a-symmetrical hair dos so I may have to fire my free hairdresser! Sorry! I hate paying for my hair to be done because even is it is nice once they can never do it again!! Hope you next week's day off will be better!
Hugs, Lisa

The Joy of Nesting said...


Solder Class with Sally Jean!!!!! Does this mean that since you and Stacy are going together you could do a sorta tag team with the camera for pictures??? For your soldering impaired friend south of the boarder??? ((Hint)) ;) Copper tape is at the top of my have to have list for NOB in November :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Laurie, What a scary story about PayPal. I am sure it was NO fun getting it straighten out. I think we all have had fun experiences at the beautfy shop. vbg I wish you a a lovely day. Hugs Judy

Halo Hill said...

The same thing happened to me with Pay Pal a few years ago. Talk about frustrating, huh? UGH!