Wednesday, February 27, 2008


ok, fingers are crossed, toes are crossed, legs are crossed, arms are get the idea. I found a spot that I missed...I think that will do it...
one more shout out for a few more comments
Tomorrow is a "ME" day. I am taking the day to completely emerse myself in an oil painting class. She comes up from Calif once a year...I enjoy her stye of painting, she goes at a fast clip and I dont think about anything else...she tells us where to put the paint. lol...I always come away refreshed. I'll show the finished painting. I will let you know later if this worked, after the class I teach tonight. The teacher is Susan Jenkins, I think she has a website you can take a look at.
Thanks everyone for all your help!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! Yippee it worked! Have a wonderful day with Susan, sounds fantastic. We look forward to the finished painting, PLEASE keep the kitties away from it:)
Jenn and Jacqui

jeanetta said...

so are we all good?