Saturday, February 9, 2008

Such good Kiities

Here are my sweeties, lounging on my now empty cabinet top.

I have a new program I've been playing with...taking WAY to much time!! But OH so much FUN.

Oh yes...they have been at it again...I found out what the problem hubby looks for baggies in the bottom drawer and doesnt shut it all the way. So, again, I heard a plastic bag rattling around...I had to just stand there and watch (after I ran to get the camera) "Dirty" sticks his paw in the 2" opening and rips open the bag of pasta...a different kind (I'm sure they taste different LOL) and one by one scoops it out with his paw...then "'Whitie" had to come check it out...taking turns they would pull out the pasta tubes...whoever wasnt in the drawer...was busy EATING the pasta. What kind of kitties to I own????
I really have been working on new birdies...the bigger the kitties get,the harder it is to sew!!!!

I was laughing and a touch upset...then I realized... THEY WERE HELPING ME!! Yes, They thought I wanted pasta for dinner and they were getting it out for...Such good kitties. LOL

and the top photo...they were tired after all their hard work!


Natasha Burns said...

Laurie you've got a great outlook, lol this is so funny! I love reading about the adventures of your two kitties!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Laurie! We agree with Natasha, a sense of humour is vital with your two little devils!! Jenn and Jacqui

Auntie Joy said...

Skip my email it looks like you DID IT!! your pics are so cute..yipee now we are for sure computer nerds!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Laurie, these cats are so funny! They were helping you! GREAT way to look at it! Silly kitties!