Friday, February 8, 2008

Life with my 4 kids

This is what I woke up to this morning!! I couldnt figure out how the kitties get my birdies, I keep the ones Im working on under lock and key! The ones I have made I put on this shelf...that is where this one when I came into the office this morning I found Whitie up on top of the bookcase...he scoots down and can land inside this shelf!!!! I WATCHED him!! but of course I had to get my camera ready...and he was inside before I could get a photo! Well, the LOVE pins!So they scoot the pin box off the desk until if falls off, and opens!! Looks a little bare on top! Yup, they have knocked everything down!
Look at the tail on this little one!!

Yesterday I had no time to myself...Stacey had to have help posting notices on all the doors at all of her complexes, then Laundry, then I helped her fix her dinner (she cant open a can or bottle), then there is my hubby, he was like a little boy starting his first day of school. He started his new job this morning and had to take a lunch...he hasnt had to take a lunch for years!! He had to make sure his clothes were laid was pretty funny, I'm thinking "how old are you???" But, its nice and quiet around here this morning. aaaaaah. nice cup a Jo and a little time on the computer, what a nice way to start my day....after picking up after the kitties!! LOL. I feel like I have 4 kids...stacey, hubby and the 2 crazy kitties.


The Feathered Nest said...

Laurie! I can't get over those crazy kitties of yours!!!! You just don't know what's going to happen next....little birdie looks like he got chewed on a little bit! xxoo, Dawn

Alison Gibbs said...

Those kitties of yours sure are crazy little devils.
You have been busy helping everyone now some time for you. Hope hubby's new job goes ok and that Stacey is doing ok too.

cindy said...

LOL..those are crazy kitties! I thought my two were bad, nu uh, not compared to yours! LOL.



Those babies want to get in on the birdie craftin' action!!!(Maybe tryin' their own version of Shabby Chic Birdies) They are just not sure how to I am glad you are unwinding and relaxin' a bit!!! Lookin' forward to more birdies and kitty~ bird encounters!!!

Natasha Burns said...

They are so funny! I love visiting here knowing I will see what mischief your kitties have been up to and be more shocked each time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie, we are back home from vacation and now catching up with what you have been up to! Or more the point, what those little devils are been doing to your house! When we left they were acting up, and now we are back home and they are still acting up!! lol What to do, that poor birdie!!!! Hugs to you and Stacey too :) Jenn and Jacqui

Mary said...

Hello Laurie, Thank You for the buttons:) I smiled when I saw your envelope ,so cute with the hand painted rose. My goodness you do have silly kitties:)What next? Maybe you will get a moment for yourself. Hope Hubby's new job went well and Stacey is doing better. Hugs and Thanks again, Mary :)

Stephanie said...

Hi Laurie! I've got a silly cat, too ~ they sure can bat stuff around. Mine is a cleptomaniac, steals jewelry & all manner of weird stuff. Just make sure your kitties can't get to the pins ~ I had to have one of mine x-rayed once because we thought he swallowed a sewing needle!

Hope hubby's first day at new job was great. And bless Stacey's heart ~ take good care of her!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Renee said...

Your kitties are like messy little kids, but they are so cute.
Thanks you so much for the lovely packaged that arrived, you ecorated the envelope so pretty. That was so sweet of you, I absolutely love it and all of the buttons. Thank you Thank you! I had just gotten back from the dentist so it was such a very nice surprise. That is the loviest package I have ever received. Thank You!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Too funny! Those kitties are keeping you busy, aren't they? As someone that has never had a cat, I just have to laugh! I have NOT been there at all! Enjoy your quiet time!

Thank you SO MUCH for the buttons! You are so sweet! I love them all! My girls had a great time looking at them all too! I hope to use a couple in the next week or two! I'll let you know!!