Sunday, February 3, 2008

Not sure what to title this post....

I debated whether I should write about this, so I asked my daughter, Stacey if it was ok, so with her it goes...I will start at the begining..

When Stacey was in the 1st grade, we bought her roller skates, we went to the great town of Temecula, Ca and let her wear her skates...she immediately skated into a cactus...OUCH, that was bad!! She gave up rollerskating,

The next year we gave her rollerblades...its ok I said, she's a great iceskater...we took her to a park that had a sloping paved path and said...Have fun!!...oops, we forgot to show her how to stop...well, quite frankly, we didnt think about it, we've never put on a pair of rollerblades!! So, she screamed and flew off the path and landed on her head...bad headache!!! She never rollerbladed again.

Well, every child needs to ride a bike!! (are you seeing a pattern here??) She did all right, until....she slammed into the back of a parked car...OUCH!! That didnt stop US, until ,one day we went bike riding down a steep hill, at the bottom we needed to make a right turn, I was ahead of her and I ran over some broken branches! What do I do???I know shes going to hit those!!! She did!!! and down she went...ummmm...not good, skinned herself up pretty bad,(she was in shorts) we were quite aways from home and it was up hill all the way.She was MAD and hurt, she rode that bike like nothing I have have ever seen...she beat me home, I had to walk the bike up the hill!! We got home and she had split the skin on her knee to the bone...NOT GOOD! She wouldnt ride a bike again!!!

Now, she even had trouble running, she fell on the concret and busted her elbow open, it wasnt bleeding, so no big deal...until I went to patch her up and realize the white I was looking at was her bone, I almost fainted on that one. (she did go back right back out and skinned up the other elboe)

We would spend our summers in Oregon...we each had little mini bike, yep...we were at the end of the driveway and she stopped to quick and skid and burnt her leg on the muffler sooooo bad.

(Are you still with me??) With all these accidents she has never broken a bone! Well, when she turned 21 she tripped UP a curb and skinned her knee and sprained her ankle..

Stacey is now going to be 26 next mo. She is my best friend and I love her to pieces.....Last night....I get the dreaded phone call at 1:00am...Mom...can you come and get me....I said "what's wrong" she said, crying " I fell down two flights of steps" I'm sorry,but,my first reaction is to laugh...I got over that quickly, I went to pick her up, she was hurt pretty bad...huge knot on her head, elbow soooo swollen, wrist bloody...but no broken bones!! I spent the night with her to make sure she was alright, today...she could hardly they EVER learn???

After reading this to her...she said..."makes me sound like a nut case" at least she laughed!

Just to finish on a good note...she is great at softball, soccer and fantastic at volleyball...shes not afraid of balls!!


Vintage-at-Heart Designs said...

Cute story....hoping for a happy and speedy recuperation.

Alison Gibbs said...

My goodness. She's done it all. No broken bones - amazing.Funny how they always call Mum when things like that happen.Hope she feels better real soon.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Oh, poor Stacey...has she met my son?

Auntie Joy said...

Ouch!!! My sister broke her arm 5 different times!!So compared to that I'd have to say she's doing GREAT! I decided to excercise recently, the next morning I fell down the stairs and hurt my foot! I hope Stacey hasn't been excercising!! It can be dangerous!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Ouch! Feel better Stacey!

Miss Rhea said...

Oh, your poor baby !! I didn't break my first bone till my thirties, lets pray that her lucky streak continues. :)

Denise said...

You make the sweetest little pin cushions. I would love to have the pink bird in the spoon. How may I purchase this?

just lisa said...

That was so entertaining - love that story! I pictured it all as I read it! I hope she get's better from this fall!!

Your birds are the most adorable, beautiful little birdies!! Love them!!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment!

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Lauire, oh goodness gracious, poor Stacey! No broken bones thank God. Give her a huge hig for us :) Jenn and Jacqui

Renee said...

Oh I hope she feels better, tell her she is not alone, managed to sprain my ankle so bad they thought I broke it in Step class.

Then a couple of months ago at work i was standing by the copier wearing super cute sandals and bam my bad ankle gave out and I just plummeted to the floor.
She is not alone! I bet I could trade stories with her!